“What can I say about Aporia? … From the very beginning it pulled me into its unique, imaginative world.”

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“Some great puzzles, and a beautiful world with stunning visuals, makes this a game I will find hard not to recommend to any gamer.”

Games Bulletin Games Bulletin

“… could well cement itself among the top puzzle adventure games of the longstanding genre.”

PC Gamer PC Gamer

“I like the fact that Uptown Aces is part of an ownership group that has been around for a decade and is continuing to invest in new brands and new software partnerships.”

n3rdabl3 n3rdabl3

“The most striking thing about Aporia, to me, is that the Myst comparison feels right.”

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About the game

You awake after hundreds of years of sleep, in an abandoned land and no memory of your past. Immersed in this world of dark beauty, thrilling mystery and ancient puzzles, you embark on a quest to find out what happened in this world, and to discover who you are.

Multi level puzzles

Experience multiple puzzle designs for all levels of challenge. Interact with the invading nature and bizarre architecture. Avoid traps set to ward off intruders and solve brain twisting tests made to make you question what happened in Ez’rat Qin.

Open World

Go on a journey written to make you wanting to know more. Set in an abandoned valley shrouded in the crumbled ruins of a once mighty civilisation, Aporia offers true open world exploration.

Immersive graphics

Immerse yourself in a detailed world created with graphical AAA quality made with the Cryengine. We have made the voyage through Ez’rat Qin a one-of-kind experience, urging the player to keep exploring.

Unique story mechanics

A detailed story told using no vulgar text or dialogue. Aporia presents players with the challenge of actively exploring and piecing together a non-linear story of what happened in Ez’rat Qin.