Explore the forgotten valley of Ez’rat Qin and uncover the haunting truth behind the disappearance of its inhabitants – The Ancients

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History has yet to be written…

What happened in the valley of Ez’rat Qin? What caused its demise? Where did its inhabitants, The Ancients, disappear to?

Why are you here?

Dive into a haunted world in search of The Truth, and envelope yourself in hidden secrets, beautiful scenery and mind-boggling puzzles, which will keep you enthralled for hours.

Explore the forgotten corners of an ancient civilization to discover a gripping story of mystery, love and greed, and decide the fate of Ez’rat Qin that will go over has history

Unique Narrative Experience

Using neither text nor dialogue, the story-experience in Aporia is based on your ability to combine visual pieces of storylines uncovered throughout the game.

Created by The Ancients, Ez’rat Qin is filled with fascinating murals and mysterious markers of memory, offering a glimpse of the past, which points to the truth behind the valley’s demise and the inhabitants disappearance.

Find the markers, combine the story and decide the fate of Ez’rat Qin.  

Challenging Puzzles & Riddles

Honoring the tradition of puzzle-games, the environment holds an abundance of strange riddles and physical challenges that demands the most of your logical thinking.

Take on the many tests by exploring the open world, and interact with the invading nature, bizarre architecture and intricate traps constructed to push your puzzle-solving abilities to the limit.

A Forgotten World

Immerse yourself in a forgotten world of beauty and marvel, and experience the remnants of an ancient civilization as you let yourself get lost among the ruins of strange architecture and wild nature.

Created in CryEngine V – the newest engine from CryTek – Aporia brings together a AAA-feel and state-of-the-art lighting, offering a unique visual experience for you to explore