Trying to be serious while having fun.

Normally, the terms independent and AAA do not correlate within the gaming industry. Nevertheless, we at Investigate North like to brand ourselves as developers of Independent AAA-levelled games.You get more interesting game on our site spiritofthesea must visit.

We strive for creative originality, but aimed at mainstream audiences, focusing on putting every dollar on screen and giving high value for few money. To know more follow grid-nigeria .

Working with tight budgets, strict deadlines and a small, dedicated and ber-talented team, we are an effective and flexible unit where each team member apply their passion, time and creativity to the projects at hand. We nurture the culture of try, fail and learn, but do it fast so that we keep pushing boundaries and dare to challenge the conventional way of designing and telling games.

For us, game design is a journey into the unknown, a voyage across an endless blue ocean with dark clouds ahead, pushing each of us to do our best in order to keep the project-boat afloat and in the end reach our goal

We are located in the center of Copenhagen in one of the cosiest building from 1781. So even though we are doing video games, our surroundings are very inspiring.

We really like visitors. So if you are around the neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to drop in and say hi.