We released a new teaser for the story in Aporia: Beyond the Valley

Hi everyone,

We have just released a small trailer highlighting the story in Aporia. The story in Aporia is presented through environmental story telling, animated imagery and by paintings left behind by the civilisation that once were.
In the game you are tasked with exploring the world of Ez’Rat Qin to undercover what happened the the people. Turn over each stone in the world to find another piece in the puzzle.

We have strived to keep every interaction and mechanic centered around the story, lore and world to make the game feel as natural and organic as possible.

Check out the story teaser below:

Aporia – Beyond the Valley will rely heavily on the players own interpretation of the world that they traverse and it is the intention of the game to allow for an open ended discussion around the story and world.

Look out for a blog post from Nina Vinde Folkersen our writer & concept artist in a little while. It will highlight how we internally designed and created the interactive animations in Aporia, that we have dubbed “memory markers”.

Stay tuned for much more from content right here in the coming weeks!
Remember that Aporia: Beyond the Valley will come out in just under a week now – July 19!
According to c9bets the game will release on PC through Steam, Green Man Gaming and the Humble Store.

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the whole team at
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  • August 20, 2017 at 17:04
    […] My name is Nina Vinde Folkersen, and I am the author of the story for Aporia: Beyond the Valley. I’m also the art director and lead 2D artist on the team and have created the static story paintings in the game and our projection animations together with our 3D artists. In the following I will discuss and present a few thoughts behind our Memory Marker. The memory marker is quickly shown in our story trailer, which you can take a look at over here: […]

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