Aporia: Beyond the Valley have been Released The whole team at Investigate North is proud to announce that Aporia: Beyond the Valley has been released and has gone live on Steam right now! This has definitely been a labor of love and we hope that all of you will enjoy the game. As a small […]

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Preview of Aporia: Beyond the Valley in Gamereactor The lovely folks over at Gamereactor dropped by the Investigate North studio to have a look at Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Safe to say they were intrigued by the game, world and puzzles hidden within.Must check  for amazing photos  rothwelldouglas . Have a gander at Andreas‘ nice preview […]

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Investigate Norths very own Kasper Boisen (vfx artist/level design) & Nina (concept artist/story) sat down and played the first 10 minutes of Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Jump aboard as they discuss the game and their thoughts behind the story and different mechanics ?️.     Aporia: Beyond the Valley will be available for PC on July 19! […]

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The whole team at Investigate North is proud to announce the official release date for Aporia: Beyond The Valley – July 19, 2017 ?!   In a little under a month, the product that we have poured our blood, sweat and tears in will be in your hands. We hope all of you will play […]

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We have just released a gameplay trailer from Aporia: Beyond the Valley showcasing some of the different mechanics that you will encounter while you traverse the world of Ez’rat Qin.

An offical announcement regarding the final release date is still to come, but expect a release in the summer ;).

We cannot wait to show you more of the game.

Best regards
Investigate North

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We need your help! If you want to see Aporia become a reality, please vote for Aporia at CryEngine's Indie Fund. Here Simply create an account and click 'Like Project'. That's all :) All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you   Have a great weekend all
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