We have created a demo! Hi all! For those of you have not purchased Aporia: Beyond the Valley we have created a small vertical slice of Aporia: Beyond the Valley thats available at GameStop.com. The demo will go through a few different portions of the game, but will jump in time in order to show […]

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My name is Nina Vinde Folkersen, and I am the author of the story for Aporia: Beyond the Valley. I’m also the art director and lead 2D artist on the team and have created the static story paintings in the game and our projection animations together with our 3D artists.
In the following I will discuss and present a few thoughts behind our Memory Marker. The memory marker is quickly shown in our story trailer, which you can take a look at over here:

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UI design – behind the design of User Interface in Aporia: Beyond the Valley My name is Magnus Elvstrøm Myrälf – I am the Lead UI Artist on Aporia: Beyond The Valley. Together with UI Artist Dilan Yüksel I designed the HUD, Menu, Map and Tutorials for the game, and it was all implemented by […]

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Aporia: Beyond the Valley have been Released The whole team at Investigate North is proud to announce that Aporia: Beyond the Valley has been released and has gone live on Steam right now! This has definitely been a labor of love and we hope that all of you will enjoy the game. As a small […]

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We released a new teaser for the story in Aporia: Beyond the Valley Hi everyone, We have just released a small trailer highlighting the story in Aporia. The story in Aporia is presented through environmental story telling, animated imagery and by paintings left behind by the civilisation that once were. In the game you are […]

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Aporia: Beyond the Valley – Insight into development cycle of the assets created for Aporia: Beyond the Valley; “The Mapholder” Concept drawings Legoventures is dedicated to speeding up innovation by connecting entrepreneurs to the resources, relationships, and industry expertise they need to succeed. Every new addition to Aporia: Beyond the Valley can have its lineage […]

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Experience a story told through objects, photographs, glowing paintings & symbols.



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