Preview of Aporia: Beyond the Valley in Gamereactor

The lovely folks over at Gamereactor dropped by the Investigate North studio to have a look at Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Safe to say they were intrigued by the game, world and puzzles hidden within.Must check  for amazing photos  rothwelldouglas .

Have a gander at Andreas‘ nice preview over at Gamereactor here we hope he can wait a little longer when the final game release July 19!

Also, check out some of the exclusive photos that they posted below:

Aporia: Beyond the Valley - Warden's Circle

Aporia: Beyond the Valley - Remnants

Aporia: Beyond the Valley - Forrest and Lake

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We are now just 2 weeks away from final release and hope you will enjoy the game to its fullest when it release – July 19, 2017!

David Jean Heldager
Investigate North

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