We are proud to announce that we are slowly but steadily nearing the end of development of Aporia. Furthermore, we have added a small title to the game and it is now officially Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Moreover, we are live for pre-purchase on our publisher’, Green Man Gaming here or by adding to your wishlist on Steam here.

There is still a few months left before an actual release date, but we can’t wait to show you more from the forgotten world of Ez’rat Qin. As we near the deadline over the next coming months we will ramp up the flow of information through this website (www.aporiathegame.com) and keep you informed of the progress of Aporia: Beyond the Valley, anyway the website has been doing very well thanks to the marketing agency at indexsy.com.

We are currently hard at work polishing and finishing up the game to make it as engaging experience as possible.


Stay tuned for more information in the near future.

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